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Faculty & Staff Tuition Exemption

The  University of  Louisiana at Lafayette adheres to the Employee  and Dependent  Tuition and Fee  Policy published by the University of Louisiana  System Office.

Employees of the University of Louisiana System and their dependents may enroll at any of the institutions within the system for undergraduate instruction at a reduced tuition, plus certain applicable fees.   Employees may also enroll in graduate level courses at a reduced tuition, plus applicable fees. The faculty or staff member must be employed on a full-time basis at a University of Louisiana System institution. Enrollment at an institution other than the home institution requires the joint approval of the home institution president and the president of the institution the employee wishes to attend.  Dependents who qualify will be limited to those who are eligible according to the Internal Revenue Tax Code during the calendar year in which the tuition  reduction is issued. At such time as the dependent is no longer eligible according to IRS Code, the dependent ceases to be eligible for this reduction.

This policy shall apply only to courses and programs for which regular tuition is charged. 

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