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Departmental Cashiers

Departmental Cashiers, located in Martin Hall Room 117, is responsible for collecting deposits from University departments. They are also responsible for assisting departments with financial questions regarding their accounts.

If you are a student with questions regarding your account, then the Student Cashier Center will be able to assist you. 

COVID-19 Procedures

Since Departmental cashiers are no longer on campus; we have developed the process below for depositing funds during this challenging time, which is the most efficient process while maintaining social distancing and contact with multiple individuals.

If you have checks that need to be deposited,  please make two copies of the deposit receipts, attach the checks (checks only, no cash) to the deposit receipts, place in an interoffice envelope, and drop them off at the Post Office indicating they are for Admin & Finance and we will process them as soon as possible.  Once a week, we obtain those deposits from the Post Office and process those checks to be sent to the bank.  We will initial and date each copy of the receipt and send one copy back to you through email.  We will maintain possession of two copies until those are entered into the Banner system (may not be the same day that we receive the checks).  Once we are able to enter them into Banner, we will stamp the two copies with the H document number and the date it was entered and then return to you one of those stamped copies confirming the entry into Banner.